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Just as individuals can get unstuck and accelerate to goals with the focused support of a coach, teams can experience dramatic increases in their effectiveness through the coaching process. Executive teams, leadership teams, project teams, operational teams, process improvement teams, self-directed teams – each are composed of individuals with their own strengths, development needs, and preferred ways of getting things done. The journey these individuals must take together to become a high-trust, fully engaged, mutually committed and accountable team can be lengthy, exhausting, even treacherous at times. Having a team coach as a travel agent and tour guide makes the trip one of personal discovery, appreciation for one another, and continuous renewal for the team.

Shared history, patterns of interaction, and personal hardwiring all collaborate (or conspire) to determine a team’s effectiveness. My approach to coaching a team integrates those three critical aspects of group dynamics. I weave them into the larger question: How do you want to work—and be—together, going forward, to get the job done well and enjoy the process?

To get our bearings, I often begin a team coaching engagement by introducing members to The Cycle of Renewal for teams and organizations. When teams understand the natural and predictable patterns of change that influence team development, and identify their current location in that cycle, they can then navigate with confidence. We explore how they’ve managed change in the past, and how that has shaped their ways of working and being together in the present. Learning is focused on the location-specific skills and strategies they must deploy to move forward. Click here for an overview of The Cycle of Renewal for Teams and Organizations.

When the time is right for a deeper examination of the team’s patterns of interaction, I access my extensive experience in The Birkman Method® teambuilding. I use this powerful and complex assessment to facilitate in-depth understanding of the team’s strengths, underlying needs, and stress behaviors that influence communication, conflict, and creativity. In doing so, considerable light is shed on each individual’s hardwiring, and how they can flex to support team members without working against their own operating style. Click here for an overview of The Birkman Method.

Every team coaching engagement is and should be different, because each team is embedded within a unique organizational culture. I also factor in the team’s current location on The Cycle of Renewal and their Birkman team profile, and tailor my approach accordingly. I stay acutely aware of the emerging issues, discoveries, and challenges the team encounters, and leverage them to move forward. Unlike typical training or teambuilding events, team coaching creates space for the group to process and apply those insights and strategies in the moment. As they work through their meeting agenda, on actual projects, I carefully observe interactions, look for those coachable moments, respectfully interject, and help them course-correct in real time.

Working with the team over time, I may identify and address specific training needs that might not have been apparent at the outset. In some situations, one-on-one work with team members on their own coachable issues can facilitate the team’s development as well as their own. Individual coaching of the team leader builds coaching capacity in that individual to sustain the team’s success once my involvement concludes.

The purpose of team coaching is to empower a group to co-create and practice new ways of being and working together as they move through chapters and transitions. Individuals that successfully engage in the team coaching process become more transparent, more trusting, more challenging, and genuinely supportive of one another. Teams who know how to stay productive and engaged produce remarkable results for the organizations they serve.

The Cycle of Renewal for Teams and Organizations*

Phase I – A Fully Aligned Team

Phase II – An Out-of-Sync Team

Phase III – A Re-Purposing Team

Phase IV – An Exploring Team

*Developed by The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. © Copyright. Used with permission.

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