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One-on-one coaching by telephone or in person is a powerful, confidential process designed to help you identify and clarify goals in your life and in your career and take appropriate, effective actions to achieve those goals.

Can you relate to any of these client stories?

Overwhelmed, stuck, cynical. I feel paralyzed by my life. I put this dream life together, and it was dreamy for a long time, but lately it feels more like a nightmare. So many responsibilities, people tugging on me, avalanches of little requests that add up to an impossible load. Small tasks and decisions seem huge. It amazes me that not long ago I set aggressive goals for both my business and the remodeling of our house. Those goals seem either silly and undoable now. I feel tired, my family and friends are tired of my complaining, and I’m tired of listening to myself. Recently I sought the support of a therapist to explore some nagging “why” questions, which helped me sort out some past history and shed light on my current “funk.” Now I am having more days where I am not so much overwhelmed and defeated as I am just deep in thought. I am ready to reinvent myself, and get in “right relationship” to my life again. I am ready for the what, when, and how questions.

Questioning confidence. I’m a seasoned and respected executive, but lately I’m noticing an uncharacteristic lack of self-confidence. I’m second-guessing my convictions, my opinions, my value, and my read on things. What’s up with me? I do the essentials at work, but I have no energy for “business as usual.” I’m sick of putting up a front and pretending not to know when things are out of whack. I want to speak my truth – confidently, authentically, and eloquently. I believe my voice is wanted and needed in the boardroom, and yet I know that speaking the truth could be risky. I want to keep my job, but do it in a new way.

In a holding pattern. I have been going through the motions, playing the part of a smart, successful, grounded, giving person for a long time, but lately I feel like an imposter. Out in public I maintain the illusion that everything is perfect, but once I get home, I crash. I have no desire to do anything or talk to anyone about anything. I have a strong faith, and I guess I don’t think that I should be experiencing this level of boredom and dissatisfaction with all of the blessings I have. So my guilt keeps me from reaching out, as does my sense that everyone else has it all together. I see my world as having gone from Technicolor to black and white, or at best, sepia tones. What wants to happen here?

Living with uncertainty. My company is downsizing. I may not get laid off soon or at all, but not knowing is taking a toll on me physically and emotionally. I don’t like not having the answers. I don’t feel in control and it’s impacting my performance at work, which isn’t helping in this climate. I beat myself up because I can’t figure out what I might do next if I do get laid off. I feel lethargic and sluggish from all this thinking at the exact time I should be trying to think creatively about my future.

In transition. My youngest child left for college recently and I feel lost. My job is stable, and so is my marriage, but both feel flat, predictable, same old same old. I have friends to lean on, but everyone is so busy these days it’s hard to even find time to go out for a meal together, much less make time for a heart to heart talk. I keep thinking that there is something for me in the second half of life that will be stimulating and satisfying, but I don’t have any idea what that something might be.

Exploring possibilities. I opted for an early retirement package two years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed having time with friends, traveling, volunteering, and diving into long-neglected hobbies. And yet, I feel the beginnings of wanting something more. I knew I would miss the rhythm and purpose of my position a little bit, but had not idea how much. I am certainly not interested in re-entering the workforce, and I am grateful I don’t have to despite the hit my investments took this year. How can I redesign my retirement life to be one that excites and challenges me?

New job. I just got a huge promotion. Huge. I went from managing a team of 14 to overseeing a department of 86 in three locations. It is quite clear to me that the methods and strategies I used to build my smaller dream team will not work with a group this size. I am scared, clueless, and lonely. I should be energized by the company’s confidence in me, but I’m in a state of panic – the proverbial deer in headlights. I do not want to get run over before I get my bearings.

Blind spot. Ugh. I just got feedback from my boss that I am doing a great job . . . but. The “but” is that apparently I am perceived as being condescending, critical, and disrespectful to my peers. Okay, so maybe I think I’m little smarter than the average person and I have a sarcastic sense of humor, but the bottom line is that I get results. Do they really want me not to point out problems? Interesting that I get similar feedback from my spouse. So, I’m willing to change the way I show up because I know that if I don’t it will keep me from getting promoted. I just have no idea how to do it because it’s worked for me for so long.

Reclaiming the creative self. I turned 50 last year and the road not taken has been haunting me. I left a promising job in the arts 25 years ago for a secure career in finance. I have enjoyed the benefits and I know it was the right decision for my family. I have no intention of exiting my job, but I want to live more creatively, and I don’t mean just taking a painting class. I already volunteer at the museum. I didn’t expect all of this second-guessing at this stage of my life.

If you identified with any of the above scenarios, you may be a good candidate for coaching.

How coaching works
Coaching is unique. It’s not consulting, counseling, therapy or mentoring. Coaching focuses on the present and the future, not the past. We do not spend a great deal of time analyzing the “why” behind behaviors that may be getting in the way of your success, but rather we put our attention on how to move beyond self-limiting attitudes, habits, actions, and negativity. Coaching is also action-oriented. Yes, we talk, but there is much more involved. You will take concrete steps toward critical goals, new ways of thinking and being, and new skills developing through the coaching process – and beyond. You will tap into your inherent strengths and creativity and learn how to leverage your most valuable skills and talents.

A competent coach adheres to strict ethical guidelines including holding everything discussed as confidential, always putting the client’s goals and interests first, and not getting involved in any situation that might be seen as a conflict of interest.

Do you have a promising employee who needs support?

Organizations hire coaches for:

  • Managers and executives new to their positions.
  • Individuals being groomed for higher level positions.
  • Someone in need of developing “executive presence.”
  • Employees being ask to achieve more, set higher goals, or be more productive.
  • Anyone overwhelmed with work who needs guidance in how to prioritize and organize.
  • A good employee dealing with life balance issues that interfere with work.
  • Someone struggling with interpersonal or interdepartmental issues.

Your coaching program will be customized to meet your needs, schedule, budget, and desired outcomes. Coaching may last a few sessions, a few months, or a year ore more depending on what you wish to accomplish, how motivated you are, and the degree of success you have as a result of the process. Here is a sample of a coaching engagement to give you an idea of what you might expect.

The benefits of coaching
Coaching is a deep and extended conversation about what you want and how to realize it. During the course of a coaching engagement, you gain clarity about your preferred future. As you articulate your thoughts and feelings in response to provocative questions, you discover what keeps you stuck. Unlike conversations characterized by chit-chat or small talk, coaching travels the terrain of your deepest values and cherished dreams. The coaching process will help you align your choices with your agenda. Together, we’ll sort out and organize issues and options, understand and move beyond your fear of change. Coaching slows the non-stop swirl of thoughts and emotions, and accelerates the achievement of personal and professional goals.

Clients routinely report coming up with an abundance of new ideas and possibilities as a result of the brainstorming that occurs during coaching. You will connect your dreams and ideas to real-world opportunities and apply strategy and tactics to achieve your most meaningful and important goals.

You will learn to recognize, appreciate, and overcome resistance – especially resistance to change. You will get out of your own way. You’ll road test new ideas and behaviors, circle around to determine what worked and what flopped, and regroup to try again. You will begin to see patterns that show up in different areas of your life and how they may or may not be working to your benefit. You’ll learn how to leverage positive patterns and replicate them, and jettison negative patterns that no longer serve you.

Coaching is not just confidential, it’s safe. You will experience unconditional positive regard for all of your ideas and feelings – even those that you’ve been afraid to express to anyone up until now. You will experience change and come to see that unexpected and even unwanted change can be a gift for growth and a catalyst for a more interesting future.

Individuals who engage in coaching experience renewed hope. You will come to more firmly believe in yourself, your talents, and your gifts. And you will use these attributes in a positive way to achieve new goals and realize long-forgotten dreams that you’ve held for yourself. You will become more clear about and committed to an agenda for your preferred future, and you’ll work on enlisting support from your valuable circle of friends and family in a way that enriches those relationships.

Getting started
Having read this far, if you feel ready to consider coaching to help you in your career, in your personal life, or both, contact me to arrange a time to talk. I don’t offer “complimentary” sessions as many coaches do. Instead, we will spend time on the phone exploring what you want to accomplish through coaching, and determine if I am a good fit for your personality and goals.

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