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Birkman International, Inc. provides the premier non-clinical instrument for measuring human behavior and occupational strengths to increase personal, team, and organizational effectiveness. Created by Roger W. Birkman, Ph.D., The Birkman Method has been used for more than 50 years to assess human potential, enhance performance, and transform corporate culture.

For over 50 years, consultants certified in administering The Birkman have been helping organizations around the world increase the value of their human capital. Consultants use the resulting narrative and graphical reports gathered from the 298-item questionnaire to create targeted development plans and coaching relationships with individuals and teams.

The Birkman creates a human capital spreadsheet that reveals:

The wide array of personal and professional applications, the richly detailed and prescriptive report formats, and the long-term viability of the data make The Birkman Method® my assessment of choice. I find it to be an invaluable resource in developing emotional intelligence in leaders, increasing awareness of and appreciation for different behavioral styles within teams, and in helping clients make quality decisions about career transition and management.

If you are interested in a Birkman assessment for yourself or your team, please contact me today to discuss the details including pricing and scheduling.

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